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Here's some of what the press have to say about F**k It:

Refreshing, funny and inspirational, say 'fuck it' and buy this book.


John combines Wayne Hemingway's style with Eddie Izzard's flights of surrealism.


F**k it. I was practising the words. They rolled around my head. We need to say 'f**k it' when we're out of synch with the natural world, it helps us go with the flow.


A blend of gentle, non-religious spiritualism, common sense and humour.


This year, dare to say F**k It… I did it. I relaxed, let go, told the truth, did what made me happy and accepted everyone… I don't feel like a martyr and I had real fun.


The perfect book to help.


A Western take on the Eastern idea of letting go... I've felt stress kicking in, and thought 'F**k It!'. There is real freedom in that.


Famous F**k It Books, etc.

  • €12€6

    I Said F**k It e-book

    The author of the bestselling F**k It books, John C. Parkin introduces the inspiring stories of 54 people who've said 'F**k It' and transformed their lives.

    - "I Said F**k It and Lost Weight"
    - "I Said F**k It and Met the Love of my Life"
    - "I Said F**k It to a Broken Back".

    Download in Acrobat format, compatible with Android, Kindle, iPhone, iPad and computers.

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  • F**k It Therapy book

    John's new book, F**k It Therapy, is on sale now.

    Order from Amazon UK » (or USA ») now, and get a special audio introduction from John for free.

    The new book is an in-depth look at how to use ‘F**k It’ to find total freedom in your life. It contains the detail of what John and Gaia teach on F**k It Retreats. And it even contains illustrations from Gaia and the twin boys.

    Once you’ve ordered, visit the registration page and fill in the form to get your special audio intro from John.

  • The F**k It Books have, so far, sold over 400,000 copies worldwide, and are available in 22 languages.

    John C. Parkin wrote the first book in 2006/7 and it was published by Hay House - the world's leading mind-body-spirit publisher - in 2008.

    In 2009, John and Gaia launched 'The Way of F**K It', an illustrated book of F**k It wisdom (also published by Hay House). It makes a great Christmas gift. In fact, it even got Santa Claus saying F**k It, as you'll see in this video…  »»»
  • The F**k It books, etc. are all available in leading bookstores and on Amazon, through The F**k It Shop »
  • At the time of writing, 455,000 people have viewed this F**k It video…  »»»
  • F**k It has been in the news all over the world. As well as numerous press stories (including The Times, The Guardian, Psychologies, Cosmopolitan, Stern, etc.) John has been on radio shows everywhere: including being able to say 'Feck It' on Irish radio.
  • In 2010, John launched The F**k It Show, an audio show where John invites three leading inspirational teachers to join him in discussing the power and effectiveness of saying F**k It.
    It also contains an hour-long F**k It meditation.
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