Living The F**k It Life


Experience the power of living the F**k It life: the profane way to profound happiness

When people hear about the ‘F**k It’ philosophy, or they see one of the F**k It books in the bookshop, or they know someone who’s been on a F**k It Retreat, they INSTANTLY understand the power of F**k It… they get it… that saying the phrase ‘F**k It’ has the power to relax us and help us let go quickly and powerfully.

It’s as if we already know we’re taking things too seriously, and attached to too many things that aren’t so important…

and when we hear this phrase, this awareness comes to the surface, and we then have the courage to let go.

And though we understand the power of F**k It so quickly, one question always rises up soon afterwards: HOW DO I USE ‘F**K IT’ IN MY DAILY LIFE? or HOW CAN I START LIVING A F**K II LIFE?

And this question indicates the complicated daily struggle that

most people face in their lives: the worry and anxiety they experience, the fears they hold, the busy-ness and stress they live moment to moment. Everyday life for many people is a struggle. The thought of letting go and relaxing more is attractive. The possibility of doing what you love, and being more who you are is attractive. But how?

This then, becomes the big question…


It may seem potty, but many people are so used to living an over-busy, over-stressed, over-anxious life, that they are somehow addicted to it. Maybe not so potty when you discover that we can actually become addicted to the adrenaline that pumps around our bodies when we are in an anxious state.

So the first question we have to ask people is –

Are you ready to live a F**k It Life?

Are you ready to face some fears and become freer?

Are you ready to let go of some things that are causing you pain and anxiety?

Are you ready to learn how to relax and slow down more?

Are you ready to listen to yourself more, and follow whatever you hear?

Are you ready to finally stop struggling and realize that life can be easier?

Are you ready to find your joy and bliss, and follow them both?

Or, even if you think you’d like something else, are you addicted to you life the way it is?

It’s a big question.
But if you’re ready to live The F**k It Life,
We can help.



First of all, let’s knock on the head one idea of what ‘The F**k It Life’ could be – it’s not about being a careless, selfish, happy-go-lucky, problem-free, dizzy person.

The idea is this: that most of us are, in one way or another, in a prison of sorts: that we’re trapped by certain things in our lives, whether by what we believe, by the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘oughts’ that we live by, by the situations we’ve found ourselves in. To live The F**k It Life, we start to understand what these prisons are; that they are usually created by us and that there are ways to become free using ‘F**k It’.

In the end, living a F**k It Life, you learn how to move through experiences without becoming imprisoned, and instead becoming enriched by everything that happens to us.

We may still face challenging situations at times, but we don’t get stuck with them… in fact, we may well start loving it all, whatever it is. That is a F**k It Life.

Where did the F**k It idea originate?

It was back in 2004, after years of practice in Taoism, Buddhism, Shamanism and all the colours of New Age Spirituality that we realised that this profanity, ‘F**k It’, had so much spiritual and therapeutic power.

the way of F**k It

John’s first taste of its power had come a couple of years earlier during a dark time (which he talks about in his first book, F**k It: the Ultimate Spiritual Way) when he finally found release in saying F**k It to everything whilst realising he didn’t give a foetid dingo’s kidney about what people thought of him.

Having realised its power, we started suggesting to our students (on retreats we were running) that they say F**k It too. And they all loved this suggestion. So we decided to run a retreat specifically called a ‘F**k It Week’. And it was a hit. So, then, over the years we have developed and honed what works for us into the F**k It process, which seems to work for everyone.

Hundreds of people have now experienced a F**k It Retreat and thousands more use the advice on relaxing, letting go, accepting, watching impartially and breathing consciously in the F**k It books.

How does the F**k It teaching relate to other popular self-help & healing practices?

the way of F**k It


There’s a reason why
people have been meditating for thousands of years – it works. The F**k It State is a meditative state which helps you dissolve stress, tension and worry.

the way of F**k It


Conscious breathing is easy,
powerful and at the heart of every meditative practice – including parts of the F**k It process. It benefits all your organs and
helps you relax.

the way of F**k It

Qi Gong / Chi Kung

Chi Kung, the Chinese energy practice, is the most F**k It of all the arts. (Qi/Chi being ‘life energy’ and Gong/Kung work or practice). The F**k It form gives you the benefits without the effort.


“It aims to bridge the gap between spirituality and real life – to bring it back to planet Earth. Its recipe pick-‘n’-mixes eastern philosophies, adds a soupçon of martial arts,
a dash of shamanism and a big dollop of humour.”

The Guardian

“The therapy gets you to realise that when bad things happen, it’s the way life is supposed to go. Take a deep breath and don’t get worked up about things out of your control.”


“The F**k It philosophy helped me to see that life is neither good nor bad
– it just is, and the quicker you accept this fact, the better.”


“Everyone can relate to F**k It”

The Times

“It’s addictive. To say and act upon F**k It is to close our eyes and jump.
We have to let go to gain, and we learn that it’s good.”

Mark Rawlings

Introducing the Living The F**k It Life 12 week in-depth, online course

From all our years of F**k It Retreats, writing books, hours and hours of workshops and Q&A sessions and thousands of emails, we know the areas that people are most likely to get stuck and imprisoned by. So:

The course addresses the 12 most common areas that people get stuck with and want to use F**k It on, including relationships, work, weight issues and self-esteem.

You’ll learn tools and techniques that you can use not just for those 12 areas but for any situation you’re facing that leaves you feeling as though the prison walls are closing in.

Most importantly - we teach you how to relax – deeply – to access the F**k It State - where you find you care less about things, feel more playful, less inhibited, more creative, more open.

We show you how to introduce the qualities of this F**k It State into your daily life, so you can tap into this state more easily and more frequently. (When you do, interesting things, ‘magic’ things begin to happen.)

We’ve worked with people who have been stuck in numerous ways, from all over the world and we’ve learned that the F**k It ideas we use work for everyone. And as you start to say F**k It to your fears, to the things that are not working for you and to what others think, you’ll find yourself able to:

The Living the F**k It Life course takes you through a thorough, in-depth F**k It process: guiding you step-by-step through how to introduce the power of F**k It into your daily life.

And one of the beauties of this method of teaching – is the time involved. You will get the chance to learn about how to use F**k It in one area of your life, eg. in how you deal with stress, then go out and use that learning during the week. This means the F**k It teaching will become part of your life for those 12 weeks. You thus learn something and can then apply it straight away, then add the next layer of teaching the following week…

I said ‘F**k It’;

“F**k It really has made a huge difference in my life and my outlook on things.”

Natasha D., Amsterdam

I said ‘F**k It’;

“F**k it has helped me not to get caught up in the small stuff as much. I've a long way to go yet, after living a life of chronic daily stress, but f**k it, it's a start right!?”

Jeannah, USA

This is how it works – you’ll get:

Weekly in-depth hour long webinars - with tools and techniques to use in any situation you’re facing that leaves you feeling as though the prison walls are closing in, plus supporting materials.

Survival Guides – short video trainings on those 12 key areas including relationships, fear, work, weight, stress and self-esteem.

Desktop Meditations – dreading a meeting or a deadline? These mini-meditations can be done at your desk to get you calm, focused and firing on all cylinders in next to no time.

Energy the F**k It Way – an in-depth video based introduction to energy and why it’s so important, plus a whole routine of simple, quick F**k It Energy Exercises you can do first thing each day.

Meditation the F**k It Way – we teach you how to relax – deeply – to access the F**k It State - where you find you care less about things, feel more playful, less inhibited, more creative, more open.

...until all the parts fit beautifully together as you conclude the course and living The F**k It Life becomes your natural mode.

And you can do this from anywhere in the world.

What we’ll be covering

F**k It Therapy


Feeling rubbish, lost, overweight, fearful?

Our F**k It survival guides are short videos helping you deal with negative thoughts and feelings – with practical steps to take right now to feel better.


Stressing over meetings or deadlines? Hate your job?
Dreaming of starting a new business doing something you love?
Worried about money?
Use our F**k It meditations to take away the fear and stress, while you focus on getting the job done, moving on with your career, or heading off in a whole new direction.


Can’t seem to find love, stuck in a rut or in a relationship that isn’t working?
Want to say F**k It to that and walk off into the sunset hand in hand with your sexy soulmate?
We can’t exactly promise that, but we can help you find freedom, within or without a relationship.


Never heard of Chi before now?
Not sure what it is or how to feel it?
Need a reminder?
We’ll show you how to experience energy and take you through a menu of gentle Chi Kung exercises from which you can create a 10 minute daily practice to help you feel and remain well.

Five formidable reasons why Living The F**k It Life is flipping fantastic (if we say so ourselves)


Does what it
says on the tin

There’s nothing difficult to learn and anyway we explain everything really clearly and give you great extra video exercises so you can follow along at an easy pace – we want you to get this!


Different ways to learn

You’ll be able to join us for weekly webinars. You’ll receive the F**k It Survival Guide weekly videos. And you’ll have access to a range of great videos that give you in-depth teaching guidance on meditation, qigong, etc..


Pick ‘n’ mix practice

We’ll be teaching you a whole range of different tools and techniques so you can pick ‘n’ mix for your own daily practice and supplement it with a special meditation or survival guide when you need it, or just for a treat (like your favourite sweet shop)


It’s fun, funny (in parts)
and, funnily enough,
it really works

if you’re facing something serious in your life, humour can be healing and though we know change may not be easy, we want to help you make it as painless as possible


You’ll never walk alone

A whole community of F**kiteers from around the world will be working through the F**k It exercises, attending the weekly webinars and putting F**k It to work in their daily lives. We’ll be helping each other along through a mini-group and through some live Q&A sessions.

Ready to get started? - Here’s how we’ll work together week by week

Week 1: Turning Up

Life works out fine and is more fun if you just turn up. We take you through a process so you can just turn up to a situation, any situation, without any baggage, rules, agenda or expectations.

Week 2: Relaxation the F**k It Way

You CAN relax. Yes, really. In just 3 minutes. We’ll show you a quick process and discuss why it’s good to relax, the effects of relaxation – and why most of us tend not to be relaxed.

Week 3: Turning In

Lets go inside…. So you become conscious and present to what’s going on. Understand and recognise it for what it is. And… let… stuff… go….

Week 4: The Story

What’s your story? Is it true? How do you interpret and internalise what happens in your life? We’ll help you make peace with your old story so you can change your ongoing story.

Week 5: Shadows

Most of us want to show our best side – but we all have a shadow side too. If you can learn to accept your shadow side your energy and life will flow better.

Week 6: Self-Love

So many people struggle with self-love. With our help, you can choose to love yourself fully, including the difficult, damaged, vulnerable, angry, scared you.

Week 7: Surrendering

If you’re resisting or fighting against a particular problem, this in-depth, healing process gets to the nub of the issue so you’re ‘at one’ with what’s going on.

Week 8: Letting Go

Applying our mantra ‘F**k It. It doesn’t matter so much’ to the things that stress you is a key part of Living the F**k It Life – we show you how.

Week 9: Turning Out

What if you truly cared less about what others think? We help you put the past eight weeks work into practice so you take other people’s opinions and judgements less seriously.

Week 10: Pace and Rhythm

How to speed up & apply yourself when necessary. How to slow down & un-apply yourself when necessary. And how to work out what’s necessary…

Week 11: Doing What You Love

John’s most favourite subject – how to find what you love, do more of it and get paid for doing it. Yum.

Week 12: F**k It Seeing

What’s a F**k It person really like? How do they see the world the F**k It Way? We get you to put on your F**k It sunglasses so you can be more F**k It whenever you need to.

Designed for busy people like you

You may be wondering just how much time you’d need to invest to use the Living the F**k It Life course and get the results you want.

We want you to relax, enjoy this experience and take all the time you need to work through it and put the tools and technique into practice in your daily life.

We’ll get new content out to you each week and you just need an hour or so to watch or listen to a webinar. Most people put aside an early morning or an evening. Others download and listen on the way to work. All the course materials are made available for you to work through at your own pace.

And if you’re on the run, our Survival Guides and Desktop Meditations are each just a few minutes long – so they’re perfect for dipping into as and when you feel you need them.

Then when you have some time, maybe at a weekend, a day off, or on holiday – take a look at the in-depth energy and meditation trainings. Follow along with the exercises so you can begin to create your own 10 minute daily ritual.

Don’t worry, there’s no pressure and you certainly won’t find it arduous – quite the contrary, we’ve kept everything light and fun.

Don’t just take our word for it

People write to us every week telling us what they said F**k It to and the freedom and happiness they have experienced as a result – here’s just a what a few folks said:

“I believe by saying ‘F**k It’ to my life as I once knew it – obsessive, controlling, anal –
I was able to fully recover from my eating disorder."

Shelley Stark

“I may still have a broken back and be in pain, but saying ‘F**k It’
set in motion achain of events that changed my life for good.”


“‘F**k It’ has been an invaluable mantra for me, one I continually use.
It helps me get to the next success level, where even the sky is no longer a limit for me.”

Sophie Licht

“I decided to say ‘F**k It’ to the sensible car thing. I got home. I went into my house, put my bags down and before I knew it I was in my local Porsche dealer. Then I was driving my Porsche. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. Not terribly sensible, but massively rewarding – in a visceral, primal kind of way.”

Mark Seabright

“Saying ‘F**k It’ is the best thing I have ever done, as I am now doing
something I love and inspiring people to follow their dreams.”

Nisha Gera

“My mom passed away. Once I finally said ‘F**k It’ to my grief and allowed myself to experience the depths of it, an overwhelming peace fell over me. My mind shut the f**k up and I was able to feel her strong connection and hear her wisdom again.”

Tristan Lady T

F**k It – we even give you a guarantee

We know it works, people who’ve been to our F**k It Retreats know it works, but just to give you complete and utter peace of mind we have a 14 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee on our Living the F**k It Life online course – so, F**k It, you’ve absolutely nothing to lose have you?

Brilliant value (and great bonus gifts)

We’ve created these in-depth training videos that allow you to learn the F**k It energy work and meditation from your own home.

We’ve created quick videos that you can watch time and time again to help you deal with real and pressing issues (such as fear).

And we’ll be taking you through the process with the weekly webinars: 12 life-changing steps helping you to Live a F**k It Life for yourself, sharing our stories, developing the teaching.

We are so excited about sharing this F**k It way of Living with you, in a way that we know will be powerful and effective for you.

We are thrilled to be guiding you through this process…. To be creating a space (that will cross continents) for you to explore in a deep way how you can relax more, and live more who you truly are.

We have invested a lot (of both money and time) in bringing this course to you. We have worked with a TV director and producer for the videos; we are working with online course experts to make sure everything happens and works correctly; and we have spent 100s of hours preparing the materials for this course and 1000s of hours developing and teaching F**k It.

flying man

But we have always had one aim in mind as regards the value of the course:
That's because we want people from around the world to be able to benefit from our F**k It teaching, not only do we want the teaching to be accessible, but we want the price to be accessible too.

We were recommended to set the price at €1200, by someone who helps set up similar courses for other international teachers. And you will find other courses at that price (and more expensive too).

But we felt that would exclude too many people at that price. And we really do want as many people to benefit from this as possible.
So we set the price at €297 for the whole 12-week course - which feels bloomin' great value to us.

If we weren’t running it, we’d do it ourselves.

We hope you’ll be joining us soon for this great experience of F**k It in ‘Living The F**k It Life’ – there’s some lovely bonuses for you too.

We hope you’ll be joining us soon for this great new experience of F**k It in ‘Living The F**k It Life’.


Isn’t it time to start Living The F**k It Life?

Life is short.

It’s such a pity to be struggling and stressing and not spending your precious time on this earth doing what you love.

It’s time to start using the power of F**k It to become free, more relaxed, and live an easier, more fulfilling life.

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