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We don't share

Information that you give to us, such as your name, email and contact details will only be used internally.

We won't sell or share your details with anyone else. Ever.

Signing-up for emails

When you sign-up for our email newsletters, we won't disclose your address to anyone else and each of the emails we send you will have an Unsubscribe link which will permanently remove you from future email newsletters.


How we use cookies

We use Google Analytics to gather anonymous data on the number of visitors to our site, the country they are surfing from and the pages they visit. This helps us to build a general picture of how our site is doing in order to make it useful to users and findable on the internet.
We don't share this information or sell it. No siree. But EU law requires us to tell you that we are using cookies to gather anonymous information, even if we don't share it.

Our online booking system, Eventbrite, uses Cookies to help you move through the booking process over a number of pages. Under EU law, we don't require your permission for this, but we're letting you know anyway.

What are cookies?

We're not talking about Custard Creams and Jammy Dodgers here. The Cookies we mean are small files stored on your computer which help it to remember previous pages you've visited. They are not viruses.

Some web sites (not this one) use Cookies to remember adverts you've clicked and then use that information to build up a picture of your past internet activity so that they can deliver adverts to you based on what they think might interest you. You may find this intrusive.

If you want, you can disable cookies in the security settings of your internet browser and you can delete all previously stored cookies. It won't affect your use of this web site at all.

More info: www.allaboutcookies.org

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