1-to-1s with Gaia or John (Mrs. & Mr. F**k It)

GAIA is a therapist.

She has huge experience, and helps people move from fear to flow (in a rather ‘F**k It’ way).

She works 1-to-1 with clients from around the world via Skype.

JOHN is a coach

He helps people 1-to-1 with the practical side of life, including his ‘Do What You Love’ work, and his latest ‘Big Easy Change’ coaching.

He works 1-to-1 with clients from around the world via Skype.

… And if you’d like both Gaia & John on your side…
… Then consider ‘Team F**k It’…

Imagine being able to draw on the support of Gaia or John, or Gaia and John twice a month, every month.

You might decide to work on a particular issue over months with Gaia, twice a month.

Or you might need help following your heart, leaving that job, and setting up your own thing, in which case you have John guiding and coaching you, twice a month.

Or some months you need one session with Gaia and one session with John.

The choice is yours when you have Team F**k It on your side.

For F**k It Family only, you can have F**k It Team on your team for months, maybe years (there is a minimum 3 month initial period). You book your sessions ahead with Gaia or John.
And you pay the monthly fee of £240 at the end of the month (we’ll send you a PayPal invoice).

If you’d like Team F**k It on your team, email Lou at F**k It HQ (eff-it-living@outlook.com).