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Dealing with Trump Anxiety, Part 1

Whoah, we’re only 2 weeks in. How are you feeling? Every day, every news item, every tweet, every Facebook feed brings something more to feel scared and anxious about. And, let’s not kid ourselves – these are dangerous times. Most of us are observing that and feeling...

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Nico Rosberg’s F**k It Moment

So Nico Rosberg has retired from Formula 1 - just 5 days after becoming world champion. It was a shock to most people. And I listened carefully to what he said when he announced it - "I've decided to follow my heart and that's what my heart tells me." And... "It just...

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Is Donald Trump a Positive Pig?

I've been thinking a lot about positivity recently. And about Mr. Trump (like we all have). And whatever you think of him, you have to take your (baseball) hat off to him for his optimism and self-confidence. It seems that nothing could knock that man, or dent his...

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Are You Stupid?

Yesterday, I was doing the washing-up after dinner and picked up (and washed) the lid of an ice-cream carton (you know what a gooey mess that can be), as I thought it was finished and I could then drop it into the plastic recycling. Twenty minutes later, as I'm...

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Wish You Were Here

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with the concept of postcards. As well as the somewhat insincere sentiment of ‘Wish You Were Here’… (to which the just response should be ‘Well Why the F**k Didn’t You Ask Me To Come In The First Place Then, Eh?’), what’s with our...

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Four Words to Help You Live to 93

This is the second blog post in the series of How to Do What You Love (and how important it is). This little documentary film is based on the Four-Word-Advice that a 93-year-old gave to the protagonist when he was younger. YOU JUST HAVE TO WATCH THIS FILM - (it’s...

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Hate Your Job? You’re Not Alone

A recent Gallup poll showed that only 30% of the workforce in the U.S. like their job - ‘like’ defined as being ‘engaged’ and ‘enthusiastic.’ So that means 70% weren’t engaged – ie. not enjoying their jobs. And how long do we all spend working? YIKES! In our latest...

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How to Meditate Anywhere

I'm waiting in the queue for a teacher at one of our boys' school's parents' evening. 40 minutes so far and counting (it'll be at least another 40 mins I reckon). I use the word 'queue' (very) lightly too as we are in Italy, where you arrive at a 'queue' and have to...

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F**k It For Couples

Here we are, your F**k It Guides, with some F**k It tips for couples. (Not, as some of you might have misread that - ‘F**kin’ for Couples’). This is a very personal take.  This is what works for us, John & Gaia.  We don’t have the ‘perfect relationship’ as some...

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