F**k It, the Ultimate Spiritual Way was the original F**k It book.  And it’s the one that’s sold so many and been translated into 25 languages.  It continues to help people use this marvellous profanity to relax and free up.

This is the book in which John proposes that using this profanity can have a profound spiritual and therapeutic effect – as powerful as meditation or more complicated therapies.  Why?  Because ‘F**k It’ gets to the heart of the problem: that we care too much about too many things, and take it all too seriously.  Say ‘F**k It’, lighten up, and watch it all go more smoothly.


F**k It – Do What You Love.  This is the latest F**k It book, released in January 2016. It’s currently selling 100 books a day in the UK alone.

Do What You Love is an urgent call-to-action – for us to recognise that life is short and that many of us have more choice than we ever have had to orientate our lives around Doing What We Love.  This is a handbook to doing more what you love: from help in working out What You Love, right the way up to Making a Living from Doing What You Love.

The Way of F**k It is a small book with lots of F**k It wisdom.  John & Gaia condense their F**k It philosophy into a series of lines, that are then illustrated (by Gaia).

This book is most often used by F**kiteers as a gift at Christmas and birthdays, and always delights the recipient.  The giggle they have when they see the title is then followed by the gentle learning of The Way of F**k It – finding out how to relax more and take everything more easily.

F**k It Therapy is the most detailed exposition of the F**k It philosophy.  John & Gaia wrote it after years of teaching F**k It Retreats: so it contains detailed information about how to use F**k It in every area of your life.

It also contains details of the methods John & Gaia use on their F**k It Retreats – never shared before – and in a way that you can practise it all at home.

F**k It is the Answer is less a book and more an oracle.

The idea is this – you think of a question, any question – and then you turn randomly to a page of this book, where you’ll find an answer to your question.

The answer is always very ‘F**k It’ – ie. irreverent and often humorous – but people are surprised at how much serious guidance they can get by using this book to help them navigate their way through life’s weirdness.

F**k It, Be At Peace with LIfe, Just as It Is – the latest book from John C. Parkin (and published in 2018).

This is what it says on the back cover –

Is there a gap between how you’d like things to be and how they are? 
It may be a small gap or a freaking enormous ravine, but that gap is, in fact, probably the primary cause of pain and unhappiness for most people. What if you said ‘F**k It‘ to the idea of how your life should be and found peace with your life just as it is? That’s going to shake things up and take the edge of your pain and discomfort way more than any pill could.

All the F**k It books can be found wherever you go for books – whether your favourite bookstore, or on amazon.

F**k It, the Ultimate Spiritual Way and F**k It Therapy are also available as audio books, read by the author, John C. Parkin.

There is also a CD / audio – The F**k It Show, when John and friends explore the F**k It idea in a radio show like format.