Privacy Policy for We’ll See Limited (who provide you with F**k It goodies)

  1. How we collect your information

The primary way we collect your information is via forms on our website that you fill in with your details.

For example, we use a form for you to take part in our ‘quiz’ that asks you for your first name and email.
If you’re enquiring about a retreat, you will fill out another form with basic information.

Then, if you book a retreat, we will ask you for more information, appropriate to the booking.
So, whether you’re requesting something from us, or buying a product or service, we’ll ask you to fill in a form, and that information will go on our database.
Also information is collected more broadly (and as happens on most sites and forms) via Google Analytics, via cookies, and via Google recaptcha.

  1. What we do with it

If you’ve signed up to our list, we simply email you regularly about our offerings. We will only contact you in this way if you have given us your consent to do so. If you withdraw your consent (by, for example, ‘unsubscribing’), we will no longer contact you in this way.

We use data on, for example, Google Analytics, and with cookies, to monitor behaviour on our website including details of how you clicked through to our site and how long you spend on each of our pages, so we can improve the performance and ease of use of our site.

  1. Whom we share it with

We do not give your information to anyone else for marketing purposes.

We do not give your information to any third parties, except in the case that you have booked a retreat, and we then supply your name and surname to a venue in relation to the booking of a room.

Thus the information is only accessible to members of the ‘We’ll See Team’ (and that may include freelancers working with us), in order to supply you with information, products and services, and, where necessary, employees of ‘InfusionSoft’, the system where your information is securely held.

  1. Where we keep it

Your data will be stored confidentially, securely and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (2018) principles.

We use the following third party services to securely store your data: primarily ‘InfusionSoft’ and Dropbox (and there is then IP information on Google Analytics).

  1. How long we keep it

We store information only for the purposes for which it was collected. The retention period for your information will depend on your behaviour in response to our marketing activity (so, for example, if you don’t open any emails over a set period, or your email address becomes inactive, we will cease to use your information and, in a separate action and dependent on the information status, delete that information).

Overall, we follow the principles of GDPR (2018) to protect your data.
You have the right to be informed about the data we hold on you and what we do with it (and you can do so by emailing us, eff-it-living  If there are inaccuracies in this information, however they come to light, we will make the requested changes (eg. a change in email address).  If you request so, we will delete your information.