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Community Conversation
Around January 2019 Deep Workshop & Online Group
on ‘From Childhood Fears to a Powerful You’



  1. John C. Parkin

    Hi Everyone,
    It’s John here. So this month is about ‘From Childhood Fears to a Powerful You’.
    I adored getting deep into this as Gaia was recording it over the weekend. It’s fab.
    It’s how fears that we had in childhood led us to adaptive survival patterns… and how these fears can still dictate our behaviour today (in those same patterns) and thus stop us being the powerful we that we deserve to be.
    Do chat and share here please.
    Let’s get into this habit every month.
    Ciao, Johnx

    • Elaine Macdonald

      Lol! I did comment but it has shown up on the previous thread as I listened to the workshop earlier today. Sorry John for jumping the gun and messing up your process!

      • John C. Parkin

        Ahh, thanks Elaine.
        I was hoping to have the various threads on this page, related to each month.
        But I learnt yesterday that you can only have one thread per page… blast… so we’ll have a new page for each month instead 🙂
        Enjoy the session tonight, Jx

  2. Kate

    I’ve just listened to the Deep Workshop, which I loved and I very nearly held back from posting a comment here and then I realised (not for the first time) that holding back out of fear is one of my patterns from childhood 🙂

    I wanted to share that when I was writing down my heartfelt values, I started to write ‘….is important to me’ after each and every one of the 20 values I’ve written so far.

    A couple of my values are: ‘Sharing is important to me” and “Expressing myself fully is important to me’. Aha!

    And I’m now taking the time to acknowledge just how important my heartfelt values are to me, that they are mine and that I need to and can step into them, own them, express them, share them with others and protect them for me.

    That feels pretty empowering, sprinkled with a little fear – and that’s OK. Small steps…..

    Thank you.

    Kate x

  3. stephanie

    The idea occurs to me now how becoming aware of the key core needs in childhood is vital, not only for learning to be more compassionate with ourselves, but also to harness the power we have as parents to ourselves to perhaps undo some of the past…?


  4. Katie

    Super powerful thank you ❤️ Will be moving through me in a lot of ways I feel – I get quite frustrated by people not sharing the same values (honesty / truth / being true to their word etc.) and this moved a lot inside me acknowledging that’s its ok for them to have their own values and me to have mine even if they don’t match. I perhaps could have let situations/ people go earlier and felt less upset by these things not matching up in my life which brought up some sadness. Acknowledging & honouring that all of it is ok , that I’m ok & so are they xxx thank you as always for your amazingness – love you xx kx

  5. Anne Thorn

    Sorry I couldn’t make it last night but I have listened to the workshop and will listen again. I always felt I had to suppress my emotions and my true self as a child and this came to me when listening. I loved the empowering statement. I am Anne and these are my values and realising I have a choice and I will encounter lots of people who don’t share my values. I realised every relationship I had was with someone who did not share my values but always believed it didn’t work out because there was something wrong with me. I look forward to hearing the live recording.

  6. Amanda

    I’ve just caught up with watching the recording of the live workshop. So powerful. Gaia is so insightful. Watching her work with Samantha was incredibly moving. For me, the whole experience made me realise that I too was unable to feel carefree as a child. Mine was because my single mother was a manic depressive who could not cope, and I always thought that if I didn’t hold things together for the family that everything would just fall apart. This happened at a young age and I think it has stayed with me ever since. Thank you Gaia for a great session.

  7. Elaine

    I wonder if like Anne says about her own experience everyone grows up believing consciously or unconsciously that there is someone wrong with them? I was the odd one out in our family of four, the rebel, the one who wouldn’t fit in……but I should not have had to! All children deserve to be loved unconditionally for who they are. However l know my parents also were not loved unconditionally so how can you give what you never got yourself? Really enjoying the workshops and the group sessions. Not sure we actually feel like a ‘group’ yet but it’s tricky to get online and it’s early days! Love to all and thanks to Gaia and John for another great session.

  8. Anne Thorn

    I am really noticing subtle changes in my thinking and behaviour all triggered by the work we have been doing. I started this year feeling numb with no zest for living. After workshop 1 I started to think about times I had felt fully alive and since then I have taken up roller skating, tap dancing and volunteer one morning a week for Riding for the disabled at the local stable. All these things have woken up my zest for living and I feel more fully alive than I have done for a long time. Then this morning I bumped into someone I used to work with. I didn’t particularly like her but she completely blanked me, as if she hadn’t seen me. I wasn’t having that so I said “Hi Jo, how are you?” She grudgingly replied then walked off. For a second the little child in me started fretting about it, but then a huge wave of calm wafted over me as I realised I did t need to feel like that anymore. I didn’t like her but I was polite and friendly anyway, the fact she did not respond says a lot about her. I was able to shrug it off and it didn’t matter. A small thing but this is huge progress for me. Not giving her the power to ruin my day was awesome. So thank you to Gaia, the magic is working and I look forward to the next workshop.


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