MARCH 1-3 / BRIGHTON / £297 & £347

This is Gaia’s first 3-day workshop, to be held in the heart of Brighton.
It’s more like a mini-retreat that one of Gaia’s weekends, and (like a retreat), the numbers are limited to 18 participants.

Brighton is a fitting place to learn about how to look at the learnt patterns that hold you back from being fully yourself and the real true you (given the city’s permissive quality, where people can be fully themselves without any judgement).

You will be immersed in an investigation of what it is that’s held you back from being fully yourself; what feelings and ideas you’ve taken on about life and yourself (usually when we were young) that stop you being and feeling free.

And then you’ll touch and feel that sense of freedom: what it’s like to emerge from those patterns and be happy to be you, just as you are (worthy, wanted, loveable and hugely valuable).

Full details:
Friday March 1st, 1-5.30pm, Saturday 2nd, 10am – 6pm / Sunday 3rd, 10am – 5.30pm
There will be breaks for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. The Loft is in the heart of Brighton so there’s a vast choice of eateries. Accommodation is not included.

The Loft, 40-42 Upper Gardner St, Brighton BN1 4AN, UK



You’ll feel better. 
And you’ll learn how to feel well and free every day –
Long after the holiday effect has faded.


Apart from the peaceful space of the Loft studio where the workshop is held… Brighton itself has an essential relaxed, allowing quality that supports those who want to be fully themselves.

“I was, and continue to be, astounded at how strong I could be, just being me. Thank you Gaia.” M.T., ZURICH


Many of us are aware of external pressures:

  • To be a certain way
  • To do certain things
  • To behave as expected

But –
What most of are not aware of is the huge internal pressure we put ourselves under…
How much, without knowing, we –

  • Pressurise ourselves
  • Suppress ourselves
  • Limit ourselves
  • Censor ourselves

– And all from the inside.

We don’t really mean to do this, 
no one really wants to cut off from their own truth, 
but we learn to do it early in life when adapting to our family’s needs of us was pivotal
(and these adaptations are called ‘survival strategies’ for good reason),
and then we repeat these self-suppressing patterns into adulthood.

The outcome of this is to live in a frozen state in many areas of our lives
where the natural movement in life – such as – 

  • self-expression
  • feeling freely and fully
  • pleasure
  • creativity
  • sexuality

– where that natural movement is constantly stopped.

So we end up living in a constant conflict between what naturally wants to be expressed, 
and our ‘adapted’ selves suppressing it.

  • We often feel shame when we dare to feel freely
  • And guilt when we dare to act or speak freely

During these three days,
we’ll be exploring these dynamics of inner conflict,
and start melting the frozen states
thus liberating loads of energy, awareness, movement and your true feelings.

Through developmental trauma work, movement and energy work, 
we’ll explore how we disconnect from – and can reconnect to – what is good and right for us,
and finally follow it.


“I have come away from this experience a lot more in touch with how I feel and knowing that I just have to let go when I need to, and that it’s all okay.” L.C., AMSTERDAM


Gaia is F**k It personified.
Just hanging out with Gaia takes you to a different place. Having created the whole F**k It thing (with John) 14 years ago,
Gaia IS F**k It.

And you can’t help but get it when you’re with her.
We use the word ‘magic’ around Gaia too because that’s how people describe her and her work. (And Gaia has A LOT of people following her from one place to another, doing one retreat after another).

Gaia is a therapist with huge experience - having deep training in developmental trauma work (NARM), Somatic Experiencing, energy work, breathwork, voice dialogue and hypnotherapy.  In her magic way, she creates space for true feelings, full life-force and personal truth. She brings to this process her work with trauma, with relational attachment and with energy, so that you have the chance to permanently shift self-limiting perceptions and beliefs and relax into a true sense of okayness.

  • Gaia’s magical ability to impart our true sense of okayness 100% 100%

“Gaia is a goddess: the most incredible person I’ve ever met.” O.H., LONDON

Booking this F**k It long weekend –

It’s easy to book. The regular price is £347.
For F**k It Family (ie. those who’ve been on a retreat or U.K. event before) your price is £297.

You’ll be taken to our booking form, then onto the payment page. See? Easy.

I was deeply moved by Gaia. She seemed to know just how I felt, what my journey is.”  J.M., EDINBURGH