the key to resolving your problems
(a long-weekend with Gaia in Brighton)

FEB 14-16 / BRIGHTON / £247 & £197

This is more like a mini-retreat than one of Gaia’s weekends, and (like a retreat), the numbers are limited.

Brighton is a fitting place to learn about how to BE YOU –
given the city’s permissive quality, where people can be fully themselves without any judgement.

Full details:
Friday 14th, 3 – 7.30pm 
Saturday 15th, 10am – 6pm
Sunday 16th, 10am – 5pm

There will be breaks for lunch on Saturday and Sunday.
The Loft is in the heart of Brighton so there’s a vast choice of eateries.
Accommodation is not included.

Address of the venue:
The Loft, 40-42 Upper Gardner St, Brighton BN1 4AN, UK



The key to resolving your problems

There’s a hidden source to most of our problems.
And it’s related to not being fully ourselves.
So when we find a way to be ourselves again, we can resolve many problems.

So first –
What do you want to look at this time?

Whatever problem / situation / struggle you’re facing, bring it to the workshop.

So you might be stressed about work, or have difficulties with family or other relationships… you might be facing a difficult decision or not living the life you want…  you might be feeling bad about yourself or suffering from anxiety.
Whatever you’re facing, bring that.

Gaia will then take you on a journey to explore the hidden source to that problem
and ultimately to then reveal the Hidden Solution (which involves being fully you again).

So, with Gaia, you will –

  • Express what you really want, which connects you to your hidden life-force
  • Find out what the ‘lids’ are, that stop that life-force
    These tend to come from our early years and include –
    ‘the younger fear’ (such as “I’ll be destroyed if…”),
    ‘the younger personal lie’ (such as “I’m not good enough”),
    ‘the younger coping behaviours’(such as “I don’t need any help”)
  • Identify the coping mechanisms that came into play (they might be our people pleasing, or perfectionism, or self-sufficiency, or selfless helping of others)
  • See without judgement the younger self’s vulnerability
  • This leads to freeing up the adult sense of power, okayness and ability in the now (“F**k It, this is me”)
  • Discover what you can and want to do in this situation by being fully you (the Hidden Solution)

So this is a powerful mix of revealing and understanding the coping patterns we developed in our youth (the ‘Hidden Source’), and connecting with our power and feelings as adults that leads us back to our true selves (the ‘Hidden Life-Force).

It is a magical process.

It takes time.

It takes some F**k Its.

You will reconnect to previously hidden or forbidden feelings, such as pride, anger, joy (yes, it’s true) and doing things in your own way and at your own pace.
Just this can set your free.

You will have huge insights about yourself, and these insights aid the resolution of current problems, and also create a foundation for approaching other problems.

Wow, all in one (long) weekend.
In the Being You capital of Brighton.

“I was, and continue to be, astounded at how strong I could be, just being me. Thank you Gaia.” M.T., ZURICH

Booking this F**k It long weekend –

It’s easy to book. The regular price is £247.
For F**k It Family (ie. those who’ve been on a retreat or U.K. event before) your price is £197.

You’ll be taken to our booking form, then onto the payment page. See? Easy.


You’ll feel better. 
And you’ll learn how to feel well and free every day.


Apart from the peaceful space of the Loft studio where the workshop is held… Brighton itself has an essential relaxed, allowing quality that supports those who want to be fully themselves.

“I have come away from this experience a lot more in touch with how I feel and knowing that I just have to let go when I need to, and that it’s all okay.” L.C., AMSTERDAM


Gaia is F**k It Magic personified.
Just hanging out with Gaia takes you to a different place. Having created the whole F**k It thing (with John) 10 years ago,
Gaia IS F**k It.

And you can’t help but get it when you’re with her.
We use the word ‘magic’ around Gaia too because that’s how people describe her and her work. (And Gaia has A LOT of people following her from one place to another, doing one retreat after another).

Gaia is a therapist with huge experience - having deep training in developmental trauma work (NARM), Somatic Experiencing, energy work, breathwork, voice dialogue and hypnotherapy. In her magic way, she creates space for true feelings, full life-force and personal truth. She brings to this process her work with trauma, with relational attachment and with energy, so that you have the chance to permanently shift self-limiting perceptions and beliefs and relax into a true sense of okayness.

  • Gaia’s magical ability to impart our true sense of okayness 100% 100%

“Gaia is a goddess: the most incredible person I’ve ever met.” O.H., LONDON

Booking this F**k It long weekend –

It’s easy to book. The regular price is £247.
For F**k It Family (ie. those who’ve been on a retreat or U.K. event before) your price is £197.

You’ll be taken to our booking form, then onto the payment page. See? Easy.

I was deeply moved by Gaia. She seemed to know just how I felt, what my journey is.”  J.M., EDINBURGH